How it Works

How it Works

How does transport work?

Some Considerations

Your car is your baby, we get that. Whether you’re off on your next great adventure (moving), vacationing (temporarily shipping car) or purchasing/selling a car, you want the very best auto transport you can find at a great price, and iEZship DeliversAutoShippingEasy (our motto).

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Some of the auto shipping we offer includes :

Size and weight of vehicle

Longer, taller or heavier-than-average vehicles require special accommodations by car transport companies and, as a result, the price may vary.

The car condition

Shipping inoperable vehicles costs more because it requires extra tools and labor for car shipping companies to accommodate the cargo. But if your car rolls, steers, and brakes, we can ship it.

The transport type

Open transport is standard and more affordable option. Enclosed transport requires specific handling, so the price might be different.

The shipping distance

Longer runs have a higher overall price but lower cost per mile. The further your vehicle travels, the more you save on an auto transporter.